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Mark Sellers - Studio Director

"Having helped launch new gyms and group exercise classes including the rollout of over 1500 Stages indoor bikes to over 60 studios, and the training of over 200 team members, I feel I have gained a clear understanding of what it takes to provide a service that delivers fitness and fun in equal measure. Having done this for major brands I now bring that experience and understanding of health and fitness to Adel Wellbeing Hub.


Adel Wellbeing Hub is a place of support and growth where your health and wellbeing journey can either start or develop from. 

On  a personal level I have been involved in sport all my life from being a gymnast as a child and junior, to playing squash to a good standard, to taking up triathlon over recent years, I have always wanted to push myself to be the best version of myself. As a keen runner and cyclist now, I have long used a more holistic approach to training, incorporating pilates and yoga to compliment the miles on the roads and strength session. My aim in creating Adel Wellbeing Hub was to provide a studio that can provide everything anyone could need to achieve individual health/fitness and wellbeing goals. 


I love health/fitness and wellbeing and helping people find how the power of feeling good about yourself by being active can impact on every aspect of your life. For me there will never be a more beautifully complexed, magnificent and technically advance bit of equipment you will ever own than your own body and we should cherish and look after it as the prized possession it is."


"My approach to health and wellbeing is reflected within what we are aim to achieve at the Adel Wellbeing Hub and that is to offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing to help each and every individual achieve the best version of themselves. As Jospeh Pilates said “Physical fitness is the first requisite happiness". That’s why I believe that by attending Adel Wellbeing hub for group classes or having personal training will lead toward a healthier, happier, you. "

"When I discuss health and wellbeing with people it always starts with the question how do you feel? We often use mirrors and scales as a way of reflecting our image, but for me although mirrors and scales can be useful,  they can create a real negativity about ones self image.  It's far better to get our mind to work positively with us, and for us to feel great within ourselves without the need for an outside source of validation."

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