Our Teachers


Mark Sellers - Studio Director
"I worked part time, in my late teens and early twenties as a life guard and swimming instructor, while studying Sport and Exercise Science. I then moved in to management and have now spent over three decades managing many different facilities for local authority, private members clubs and large premium leisure operators. Throughout that time I have always been involved in the delivery and experience of both Personal Training and Group Exercise instruction." Read more..



Parisa has been immersed in the world of yoga since 2015 – an eternal student in this lifetime journey and now a teacher. After discovering yoga to compliment running, it soon became her escapism. Yoga has taught Parisa acceptance in some difficult times, having been diagnosed with MS at 21, but she attributes her stable condition to a regular yoga practice and aims to show students how much of a healer it is!
Parisa’s style is rooted in vinyasa yoga, focusing on dynamic and intuitive movement, with an emphasis on powerful flows for strengthening your body and mind.

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"I found yoga through climbing and quickly noticed the benefits of yoga in my sport and life.   I am fascinated by the benefits of yoga for both body and mind in relation to sport and health.  I enjoy incorporating knowledge from my background in coaching with yoga from both a physical and psychological perspective.  Just as yoga has had a huge impact on my sport it has had an absolutely transformational effect on my mental health. These are the reasons I am so passionate to share yoga with others.

I am inspired by nature and love being outdoors, climbing, running, swimming, cycling and take every opportunity I can to practice yoga outside, whatever the weather.  As well as my coaching background I have also come from working in science, and found yoga so beneficial for such a stressful job. I am now studying herbal medicine alongside teaching and coaching. I love the holistic approach to wellness and the important role yoga plays in that.  I always bring mindful movement into my classes but also create a space that allows you to have fun at the same time."