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Hi I'm Mark Sellers Founder, Head Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor here at Adel Wellbeing Hub. 


Having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years I have seen many changes. Fitness fads have come and gone but Personal Training/Coaching has remained a constant. The reason for this is that Personal Training gives the best results for those who want to make changes to their health, fitness and overall well-being. Your now health and fitness journey can be daunting but with me as your Personal Trainer working we closely together to get you where you want to be. I special in helping people become healthier and happier. 

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"I found yoga through climbing and quickly noticed the benefits of yoga in my sport and life.   I am fascinated by the benefits of yoga for both body and mind in relation to sport and health.  I enjoy incorporating knowledge from my background in coaching with yoga from both a physical and psychological perspective.  Just as yoga has had a huge impact on my sport it has had an absolutely transformational effect on my mental health. These are the reasons I am so passionate to share yoga with others.

I am inspired by nature and love being outdoors, climbing, running, swimming, cycling and take every opportunity I can to practice yoga outside, whatever the weather.  As well as my coaching background I have also come from working in science, and found yoga so beneficial for such a stressful job. I am now studying herbal medicine alongside teaching and coaching. I love the holistic approach to wellness and the important role yoga plays in that.  I always bring mindful movement into my classes but also create a space that allows you to have fun at the same time."

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